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We are AskSweden, a research company helping brands, products, and services gain traction in Sweden.

We help international brands, and organisations decode the Swedish culture, people and markets to identify the gaps, opportunities and the best ways to create growth for their products, brands and services – from customer discovery and product- and concept testing to market activation.

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We have extensive expertise in helping brands, products, and market investments create traction by decoding Sweden for them.

We help you find new customers, markets, and whitespaces for positioning and the customer’s job to be done. More
We reduce risk and cut time-to-market by testing your products or service concepts before launch. More
We help you optimise your product- or brand performance through relevant touchpoints, such as online, offline and in-store. More
We help you find the right respondents to get the rich and detailed insights you need to make the right decisions. More
We create an inviting atmosphere for co-creation, ask the right follow-up questions, and dig deeper to make the most of any qualitative project. More
We have creative and flexible spaces for conducting product and taste tests, focus groups and co-creation workshops in Stockholm. More


  • Recruitment for focus groups

Optimizing Focus Group Recruitment

By |oktober 29th, 2023|Articles|

The success of a focus group heavily relies on recruiting the right respondents. The recruitment process can be challenging, but with a strategic approach, you can assemble a dynamic and engaged group that provides valuable insights. In this blog post, we'll delve into the key strategies and considerations for recruiting respondents to ensure the success of your focus groups.

Product and Concept tests

By |oktober 18th, 2023|Articles|

Product tests are crucial for maintaining product quality, ensuring regulatory compliance, improving product performance, enhancing user satisfaction, and minimizing risks and costs. From the first concept of your product, all the way to market and beyond – product tests give you valuable insights.

Latest recruitments

  • Produktest av tobaksfritt snus!

Produkttest av tobaksfritt snus!

By |januari 3rd, 2024|Recruitment|

Vi söker dig som gillar tobaksfritt snus och älskar att prova nya smaker! Var med i vårt produkttest och få ett presentkort på 1500 SEK på årets fattigaste månad!

  • Smaktest av färskost!

Smaktest av färskost!

By |november 16th, 2023|Recruitment|

Nu drar vi i gång höstens godaste smaktest! Var med och testa en helt ny färskost. Vilken variant är bäst? Vi söker 150 glada ostälskare som vill dela med sig av sina åsikter.



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