Our services

We find the best ways to create growth in the Swedish market.

We help you decode cultural differences, language barriers, market structures, trends, and Swedish regulations to find white spaces for your products, brands and services.

We bring clarity to the early stages of innovation and development, validate your product customer fit, and align your brands and services to your customers.

Our research expertise, local knowledge and devotion will make all the difference for you in succeeding in creating growth in the Swedish market.


Customer discovery

We help you understand what job the customer really wants to get done.

We’re always on the lookout for what gets peoples juices going and the trends that will influence the needs of tomorrow.

When it comes to customer discovery, we believe in keeping it real. This means gathering observations where they happen. We go out and meet people where they work, eat, sleep and play – IRL and online.

We are just as comfortable working in B2B, B2C, and the startup world as internally in an organisation to identify pain points, white spaces and opportunities.

Our customer discovery process digs deep into the Swedish culture, contexts, and categories to define the precious gold; insights that create traction for brands, products and market investments.

Whatever your objective is; market entry, increasing market share, guarding your position or creating disruptive innovation, we provide deep insights into customers’ needs, contexts, frustrations and goals to make it happen.

We take you on an expedition into people’s natural habitat in an explorative search of what Swedish people find interesting, how they construct meaning for themselves and what experiences they find memorable to help your brand live up to that.

We explore the customer’s context and the functional, social and emotional dimensions of the job they want to get done and how they fulfil them today. Or penetrate customer journeys for service development and delivery of the branded customer experience.

We discover, explore and define customer problems, explore a category’s boundaries and identify the opportunities, positioning to take, and scenarios of tomorrow to handle.

We help you imagine the future of your business and determine your role in it.

Together with your team and customers, we scan the horizon to decode the trends impacting your brands, products and services and explore their commercial potential.

We help you create and give life to relevant ”what-if” scenarios over possible futures and help you classify them from an impact and probability point of view and how to handle them.

We can also help you identify and categorise events into business-critical scenarios, tendencies and trends in a so-called early warning system.

The purpose of the system is to help your team create common ground over what they think is yet to come and what to do about it.

We can revisit it several times a year to follow up on whether the events develop into relevance, irrelevance or something that should be explored and handled further.

Cut time to market by testing your new brand and communication platforms, ideas and product concepts early on to identify and prioritise the best ideas from a customer perspective.

We help you validate your early hypotheses or low-fidelity prototypes directly within your target customer segment to ensure you choose the most commercially promising concepts.


Product and concept tests

We help you kill bad ideas faster, reduce risk, and create a customer-product fit.

When it’s time to go from the drawing board to the launch of the actual product, service or experience, we help ensure the customer-solution-fit and the ”proof of concept” with existing and new customers.

Sweden is often used as a test market, well known for its high share of early adopters and tech-savvy and trendy consumers.

We at Asksweden provide valuable insights from Swedish consumers, tapping into their desires, beliefs, wants, and needs.

We do pilots to validate your timing in the market, how interesting the result is for your customers and check if they are willing to pay for it.

It´s an all too well-known fact that a majority of product launches fail.

You can minimise the risks and create the best conditions for a successful product launch by testing your products early in the development process.

We help you test your products or service for performance, packing/design, brand alignment and how it delivers customer value and lives up to customer expectations.

When it comes to taste, cultural differences play a significant role.

The question of taste is an elusive product property not easily measured in a traditional survey.

Every choice is made with the help of our senses. How do you optimise the sensory experience?

Let our panel of Swedish consumers conduct a full 360 sensory evaluation of your product by all senses; sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing.

In less than a second, a potential customer unconsciously decides whether to take a closer look a message.

In what order do they see the image, title and body text? Does it match their expectations?

We safeguard your campaigns by pretesting copy and creative work for message clarity, brand alignment, and emotional and rational impact.

A poorly designed digital platform can create practical problems and ruin the customer experience.

We help you measure your digital touchpoints such as websites, apps and embedded systems to ensure they are logical and simple to understand from an outside-and-in user perspective.

An effective pricing strategy is essential to set an offer price which is in line with the competition and will maximise revenue and deliver a profit.

Price sensitivity depends on several factors, such as customer demand, competition, brand strength and culture.

We perform price studies to identify optimal price points to maximise profit, revenue, or market share in the Swedish market.



We help you
optimize and increase the efficiency of your marketing investments.

When your product hits the market reality, we can help you soften the blow. We evaluate customer stratification, store performance, brand image/awareness and campaign effectiveness.

Your customers experience products and brands through a multitude of activities, touchpoints and interactions. So, the most successful brands align all the moments that really matter to consumers – from advertising to point of sale.

We help you ensure that customer expectations are met by providing independent evaluation of your customers’ brand- or product experience.

Shopper journey research helps you understand the experiences your brand delivers and uncovers ways to improve those experiences.

The shopper journey is a combination of two things: the path to purchase and the customer journey.

We map the customers’ end-to-end journey through all channels and identify relevant touchpoints, activities, feelings and potential gaps between the customer expectations and their experience of doing business with you.

We use various techniques to measure how the customer interacts with the product and brand in the store, such as Mystery shopping/calls, In-store observations and interviews with consumers before, during or after their shopping experience.

To dig deeper, we add methods such as Eye Tracking and biomarkers to measure subconscious behaviour and emotions.

We audit how your products perform in the sales environment, measuring category, shelf and point of sales performance to optimise the customer’s shopping experience in-store conversions and maximise store profits.

Competition is fierce, trends change quickly, and world events can impact performance.

We help you constantly track customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, image, preference, and usage. You will have the tools to assess brand health continually and adapt your marketing and brand strategies accordingly.

Increase the ROI of your advertising campaigns by running a campaign validation for all relevant media channels.

We measure KPI:s such as recall, message comprehension, share of voice, relevance and purchase intent.



We research the right people.

At AskSweden, we pride ourselves on excelling in recruitment for qualitative research projects.

Successful project recruitment is the cornerstone for delivering actionable insights.

We go a long way to find targeted respondents for focus groups, in-depth interviews, diary studies, communities and other qualitative projects.

We have a dedicated panel of consumers and professionals from different backgrounds and we also offer research recruitment as a stand-alone service.

To guarantee successful recruitment for every project, we have developed a four-step recruitment process:

At the start of each project, we validate the screener to ensure it meets the research objectives and local conditions.

We develop a recruitment plan on how to reach the desired target group. We use a variety of sources, such as our database, social media, partners and our networks, to target the right people.

When we have enough potential candidates, we interview each respondent, validate the quality of their answers and suitability, and, finally, confirm they’re available on a specific date.
We remind the respondent personally the day before fieldwork commences to minimise dropouts.


Our moderators’ backgrounds are in consulting.

We have been using qualitative methods to deliver the answers for our clients’ marketing strategy and tactics, business transformation, fuzzy front end of innovation and different brand development phases for over 20 years.

We decode culture, context and categories with qualitative research and methods such as customer safaris, field trips, design thinking, in-depth interviews, focus groups, online groups and communities, eye-tracking, and ethnographic studies.

OUR facilities

to our facilities in Stockholm.

In the heart of Stockholm, you’ll find AskSweden’s test facility.

We have designed the facility to create an atmosphere that stimulates group discussions and the participants’ creativity.

At our test facility, we carry out product and concept tests, taste tests for hot and cold food and beverages, as well as qualitative research such as focus groups and IDI:s.

We have options for audio/video recording and to live-stream video to remote viewers worldwide.

Furthermore, we have invested in flexible technology, enabling us to conduct qualitative work in any part of Sweden.

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