About us

We are AskSweden –
a clever bunch with sharp minds and warm hearts.

We decode Swedish customers, contexts and categories to create insights that develop better products and services, stronger brands and customer experiences.

We have the right tools, knowledge and experience to be an ambassador for the customer in any organisation, large or small, private or public.

We bring them into your reality to create clarity for what the customers want to get done.

Our customers are international and large enterprises, SME:s, consultancies, research companies, public sector and NGO’s.

AskSweden is proud member of ESOMAR.


We are a collective of amazing people.

AskSweden is a curious bunch of people from different backgrounds, interests and goals in life.

And that’s how we like it.

Diversity is the game for the 21st century, nobody has all the answers, and together we thrive and solve things.

At AskSweden you meet an experienced team of researchers, moderators, management consultants and service designers.

All super smart, curious and a bit crazy.

We encourage an entrepreneurial mindset, new ways of working and new initiatives for ourselves and our clients. And you are most welcome to join our quest.

Why not start with a fika?

We are an experienced bunch.

We have worked with clients from a wide range of businesses, categories and customer problems, in both the consumer and professional markets.

Our projects are large and small, qualitative and quantitative. But there´s always one thing in common.

To deliver the customer point of view to our clients.

Our passion as researchers has led us to always dig deeper, to understand and be able to deliver the answers that will make the difference.

Everything’s connected, and we help you connect the dots.

We have experience working in the following categories:
Power tools, Beverages, Travel & tourism, Industry, Consumer Durables, Appliances, Software/apps, Retail, Tobacco free, Mother & baby, Whitegoods, Confectionery, Agricultural, Construction, and Public affairs, among others.

Our management team

Johan Jyrwall

Head of Sales & Project

Johan holds an MSc in Business and Economics from Linnaeus University, Sweden.

He is responsible for client relations, proposals and budgets, and overall project management for all projects.

Peter Söderlund

Head of Customer Discovery
Peter Söderlund holds an MSc in Business and Economics from Linnaeus University, Sweden.

He is responsible for our studies that explore and define customer problems, opportunities, and positions to take.

George A. Berglund

Head of Quant

George A. Berglund holds an degree in Electrical Power Engineering, and Economics.

He is responsible for overseeing, designing, managing, and delivering quantitative research projects.

Nick Harmsen

Head of Market Activation
Nick Harmsen holds a degree in International Marketing Management from NIMA in Amsterdam.

He is responsible for our shopper studies, behavioural consumer insights and neuroscience-based research.

Rolf Kling

Head of Recruitment

Rolf Kling is a senior researcher with 30 + years in the market research business.

He is responsible for getting the right people onboard for our qualitative recruitments and he also manages our product- and concept tests in our Stockholm facility.

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