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Cut costs and increase revenue by integrated CX, UX and accessibility research!

Today, a big part of most companies’ customer interaction, is based on digital interfaces such as websites, e-services and mobile apps.

Understanding how these interfaces affects your customers, and how it impacts their perception of your company is vital. Yet, few companies sees these, in the full picture of how incorporated UX and CX is.

AskSweden is proud to announce that we have formed a partnership with Useit Consulting, one of Europe’s leading experts on UX and accessibility.

Together, we offer 360 degree take on CX and UX.

Customer eXperience (CX) is your customers full perception of the experience with your company, services, and brand. Understanding the key elements of this is a key factor to design and prioritize effective actions to improve satisfaction, cut costs and increase revenue.

Research on how users perceive digital interfaces is called User eXperience (UX). UX research is mainly based on qualitative research like user tests, interviews, A and B tests and focus groups.

Furthermore, not all users are equal.

Understanding what is working for a healthy, rested middle age man in an office is one thing. Understanding what is working for a stressed mum on the run is another. And when a user is elderly or have disabilities most researchers give up.

This is where accessibility fit in.

Accessibility is the art of seeing every user and their different needs.

By understanding what works for stressed, elderly, disabled customers, we can make solutions that invite a larger group of customers to use our services.

The last few years accessibility is an area that has grown, and in 2025 EU will enforce legislation on accessibility for e-commerce and banking services.

Seeing the whole picture, how accessibility, UX and CX interconnect is vital to be able to make insightful decisions on how to get happy customers, improve revenue and develop a sustainable competitive advantage.

Our model takes all key factors into account.

By combining expert evaluations, quantitative and qualitative research we can help you make the decisions that make a big difference both for you and your customers.

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Johan Jyrwall
Head of Sales and Project Management

Johan is an experienced researcher, entrepreneur, and project manager.
He have a solid track record in delivering insights for over 20 years for clients, domestic and international.

Andreas Cederbom
CXO on Useit

Andreas is a leading expert on Accessibility and User eXperience in Scandinavia.
He has a long track record of guiding both large and small organizations in their work towards accessible and inclusive digital interfaces.