UX test case //

Website usability testing for more completes and less support

the challenge

Svensk Adressändring is paid service from the Swedish post that allows you to register your new address when you move and have all major commercial and government organizations be informed at once.

The service has a website with a specific process and options and is supposed to be intuitive and easy to use. But a considerable number of people called for support and some functions were not used properly.


We helped Svensk Adressändring with an extensive UX test. The test was performed at a central location using eye tracking enabled monitors and in-depth interviews with respondents.

The best insights from usability tests are gained when users do not have to explain what they are doing (Think-aloud) but rather execute the test in silence and in their own tempo.

To allow this we used a method called Eye Tracking enabled Retrospective Think Aloud.

After the given assignments are completed, the respondent was then shown the recording of the process, including their eye movements, and interviewed extensively about their experience, understanding, and thought process.


The test was very successful in identifying several obstacles that seemed logical to the client but were not perceived as such by the users. The insights resulted in a clear increase in successful completes and less calls for support.