Concept test case //

A Concept Test For a Global Brand of Power Tools.

the challenge

The size of the global power tools market, and the level of competition, are growing. Major brands are fighting to keep their positions simultaneously as new players enter the market.

A lot of the competition is driven by innovation and shift to more reliable and effective electric products is a key driver.

In this highly competitive marketplace, developing, testing and launching new products ahead of competitors is essential.


We helped a major player in the business to set up
a series of concept tests to facilitate the product development process.

The tests were carried out with B2B-target groups such as craftsmen, electricians, carpenters etc.

For this target group, CATI is normally the only viable option, but this doesn’t work well with concept evaluation. Instead, we used interactive CATI, where respondents were Interviewed over the phone but could see the concepts on their mobile phones using an online link.

In this way, respondents could be presented with descriptions of the different concepts and mockup pictures.

Concepts were tested for product attributes, price, degree of innovation, brand alignment and purchase intent.


A clear and cost-effective evaluation of a large number of concepts, giving the product development team valuable input, reducing risk and time to market.